It’s about healing, and joy, and victory.

This book tells the story of my struggle with suicidal depression and how God healed me. I’ve sold a little over 200 books so far and given away almost 50. This isn’t about making money and certainly not about any sort of fame. It’s about giving hope to people who struggle with depression. It’s about visions of heaven and God’s unconditional love for us. It’s about the love of Jesus, so deep that His gashed body hung on a cross for us, so real that He sent angels to save me as I lay dying of a drug overdose. It’s about healing, and joy, and victory.

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Declare War on Your Depression

All those right things (prayer, Word, fellowship plus eating right, exercise, and rest) are so important. Sometimes healings are a one-and-done miracle. Other times (usually) we have to work for it. But the work isn’t what heals us. Ultimately our healing and protection comes only through Jesus Christ. He WANTS to see us whole, delivered, and free. But often He gets us there THROUGH the work.

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Holy Spirit Prism

The Holy Spirit is our PRISM.He takes our lives and refracts them into something much more beautiful, if we let Him. The Holy Spirit can filter our life circumstances, our thoughts and emotions, and show us how it all is part of His magnificent masterpiece.

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Recovering From Dry July…

Distractions will always come. The enemy will make sure of it. That is the nature of this messy life. Neatly planned schedules will inevitably be interrupted from time to time. If God is what we want, we have to be willing to work for it. When our calendars get too full, it is up to us to find a way to return our gaze upon Jesus. He doesn’t usually force us, He is too much of a gentleman. We must initiate.But if we do that… if we make even the slightest little effort to reach out to Him… He WILL respond with floods of His unending love, mercy and grace. He always does.

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The Power of “Meanwhile”

Many of us are also walking through “meanwhile” times… illnesses, broken relationships, disappointments, financial struggles, or other trials. Many of us feel we are in holding patterns, waiting for answers and breakthroughs. How tempting it is to feel sorry for ourselves, to blame God and give up. The enemy would have us believe that God is far away from us during times like this. The enemy whispers into our minds that God must not care about us to let us suffer so.

Don’t believe the lies.

God is always right there walking through it with us, ready to bless us despite the pain, if we will only trust Him.

Whatever difficult situation you are enduring, no matter what hardship is staring you in the face, rest assured that this is only a “meanwhile.” Believe that God is putting the pieces into place for miracles in your life as well… because He is!

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