If God can use ME, He can use ANYONE!

Can God use a tattoo covered, pierced, recovered drug addict, divorced, suicide-survivor, "rebellious" misfit? Can He call somebody like that? Can He anoint them, fill them with His Holy Spirit? Give them spiritual gifts, words and visions? OF COURSE HE CAN! He did. He does. He WILL! God is callingRead more

Join Hands With Heaven! Series of Visions from January 2023 – Commentary & Interpretation

In January 2023, I posted four videos describing a series of visions that I experienced during 21 Days of Prayer. I believe God has given me an interpretation of these visions and permission to share it here. This is the overall message from the four visions: JOIN HANDS WITH HEAVEN!Read more

A Vision of the Entire Earth Being Baptized by God’s Holy Fire & Jesus as a Life-Giving Tree

I had another vision! This morning I had an incredible vision of Jesus Christ as an immense life-giving tree in the center of the earth. Fire emanated from the tree to engulf the entire earth in a holy baptism of fire. The Holy Spirit is moving throughout the entire earthRead more

A Vision of Angels Worshipping God and Encircling the Earth – Our Prayers Connect Us to Heaven!

Our church is participating in 21 days of prayer and it has been amazing. This morning I had a beautiful vision of angels worshipping and encircling the earth during our prayer meeting. In the vision I could see how our prayers connect us to heaven. The angels were worshipping GodRead more