Join Hands With Heaven! Series of Visions from January 2023 – Commentary & Interpretation

In January 2023, I posted four videos describing a series of visions that I experienced during 21 Days of Prayer. I believe God has given me an interpretation of these visions and permission to share it here. This is the overall message from the four visions: JOIN HANDS WITH HEAVEN!Read more

A Vision of the Entire Earth Being Baptized by God’s Holy Fire & Jesus as a Life-Giving Tree

I had another vision! This morning I had an incredible vision of Jesus Christ as an immense life-giving tree in the center of the earth. Fire emanated from the tree to engulf the entire earth in a holy baptism of fire. The Holy Spirit is moving throughout the entire earthRead more

A Vision of Angels Worshipping God and Encircling the Earth – Our Prayers Connect Us to Heaven!

Our church is participating in 21 days of prayer and it has been amazing. This morning I had a beautiful vision of angels worshipping and encircling the earth during our prayer meeting. In the vision I could see how our prayers connect us to heaven. The angels were worshipping GodRead more