Christmas Sale Until December 7

Well folks, here ’tis! …the Christmas book sale I’ve been hinting about for the last two months! From today until December 7 my Kindle book is only 99¢, paperback is $6, and hardcover (makes a very nice gift) is only $14.00. This is obviously my last book sale of the year and I’ll be raising all prices on January 1 (overdramatic sense of urgency… hint, hint!)

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This Is How You Heal

Forgiving your abuser is perhaps the most difficult task you will ever pursue. How do we forgive? When they will never apologize... never change... never recognize how they've damaged you... How do we forgive? What do you do when the anger and hurt comes boiling up yet again within yourRead more

Amazing Grace

Last weekend Craig and I saw the band Blackberry Smoke at Black Oak Amp outdoor ampitheater. We've only recently discovered this awesome outdoor venue only 10 minutes from our homestead (which is pretty crazy since we are out in the country in the middle of nowhere). It's a medium sizedRead more

The Rock

God doesn’t promise us a life without burdens. The stones will inevitably litter our path. Sometimes they look heavy, unwieldy, imposing lying there in front of us. How will we ever manage to carry them? But Jesus does promise to walk through the journey with us. He offers to heft our struggles upon His own strong shoulders if we let Him. And then on the underside of it, after we make it through the storm, there is the treasure. There is the shining glittery treasure, the strength, character, deeper faith, peace, victory and all the other gifts that can usually only be found by picking up those ugly rocks.

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