New Painting! The Trees Will Rejoice

My latest painting! “The Trees Will Rejoice”

“Oh, sing unto the LORD a new song! Sing unto the LORD, all the earth.” Psalm 96:1

The 96th Psalm is a jubilant praise song. It declares the glory of God to all the nations. All of God’s marvelous #creation praises Him, the heavens, the earth, the sea, the fields and woods.

I love to be outdoors enveloped by nature. I especially love to hike through the woods. God’s presence is so evident when I stroll beneath the regal oaks and pines in the forests next to our homestead. I have often noted how the trees, with their leafy branches reaching toward the sun, appear to be praising their Creator. And they are!

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Just a Little While…

Do you feel like you are suffering right now? Do you feel beaten down emotionally and spiritually right now? Remember this promise. Your sufferings will only last “a little while.” Even now God can restore your spirit and heart. Even now He will pour His strength, courage, and healing into your soul if you reach out to Him.

Hang on, friend, just a little while longer. Your help is on the way. And He is Jesus.

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