Mother’s Day

“I will carry this pain for you if you give it to me.” Jesus leans toward me and whispers into my spirit…

“…but my daughter, the goal is not to completely eradicate the pain. Let yourself feel it. Embrace it. It means your heart is tender. You care deeply. You can still heal and find freedom despite the hurt.”

He gently drapes His arm around my shoulder… “Healed wounds leave scars. And scars ache sometimes. But then you remember. Then you have empathy for others with similar wounds. Let it build your character and make you stronger. There can be so much value in the hurt… I will be carrying it for you…”

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If God can use ME, He can use ANYONE!

Can God use a tattoo covered, pierced, recovered drug addict, divorced, suicide-survivor, "rebellious" misfit? Can He call somebody like that? Can He anoint them, fill them with His Holy Spirit? Give them spiritual gifts, words and visions? OF COURSE HE CAN! He did. He does. He WILL! God is callingRead more


Sometimes the most compassionate, selfless gift you can give an emotionally abusive narcissist is to release them from your life. It is a gift for both of you... they no longer must pretend to care about you... and your heart can heal. If you can release them with forgiveness, youRead more


Vengeance might make for an exciting Batman movie, but in real life, it never makes things right. An eye for an eye often sounds satisfying while we are angry. But the aftermath is empty at best, and is usually emotionally debilitating to all involved parties. Any good feeling our revenge brings will only be fleeting. Vengeance never heals.

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