New Podcast! Join Hands With Heaven : with Blue Tapp – COMING JUNE 5, 2023!

Hey ya'll, I'm starting a #podcast! We'll be talking about #spiritual #healing & #deliverances, #angels & #demons, #prophetic words, #visions & dreams, #unity in the body of #Christ, the meaning of #salvation, #legalism vs. #freedom, and everything else to do with #Jesus Christ, our #risen #Lord and #Savior. COMING MONDAY,Read more

The Power of Prayer

MY prayer is that we believers understand how powerful prayer really is. If we only could catch the tiniest glimpse of it, we would collectively fall to our knees. We would devour His presence with insatiable hunger. The roar of our voices would rip open the doors of heaven. Our prayers would change the whole world!

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Mother’s Day

“I will carry this pain for you if you give it to me.” Jesus leans toward me and whispers into my spirit…

“…but my daughter, the goal is not to completely eradicate the pain. Let yourself feel it. Embrace it. It means your heart is tender. You care deeply. You can still heal and find freedom despite the hurt.”

He gently drapes His arm around my shoulder… “Healed wounds leave scars. And scars ache sometimes. But then you remember. Then you have empathy for others with similar wounds. Let it build your character and make you stronger. There can be so much value in the hurt… I will be carrying it for you…”

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