My Prayer Closet

My PRAYER CLOSET is WITHIN MY OWN SOUL because that is where the Holy Spirit resides. I can go there any time, no matter where I am, or what I am doing. He is ALWAYS with me. I can ALWAYS be in communion with Jesus Christ. #PrayUnceasingly #prayerlife #holyspiritfire #prayerworksRead more

His Yoke is Easy

We want quick and easy miracles from Jesus, but He isn’t a fast food God. Jesus is looking for PARTNERS, not freeloaders. He invites us to walk alongside Him through this life. If we accept His invitation, He’ll be right there with us through the good times and the bad. He promises to carry his half (the heavy half!) of the yoke if we let Him. But we have to carry our side of it as well. We walk TOGETHER with Him, and He gives our souls His beautiful rest.

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Amazing Grace

Last weekend Craig and I saw the band Blackberry Smoke at Black Oak Amp outdoor ampitheater. We've only recently discovered this awesome outdoor venue only 10 minutes from our homestead (which is pretty crazy since we are out in the country in the middle of nowhere). It's a medium sizedRead more

The Rock

God doesn’t promise us a life without burdens. The stones will inevitably litter our path. Sometimes they look heavy, unwieldy, imposing lying there in front of us. How will we ever manage to carry them? But Jesus does promise to walk through the journey with us. He offers to heft our struggles upon His own strong shoulders if we let Him. And then on the underside of it, after we make it through the storm, there is the treasure. There is the shining glittery treasure, the strength, character, deeper faith, peace, victory and all the other gifts that can usually only be found by picking up those ugly rocks.

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Healing Is Recursive

Keep going. Keep seeking Jesus. He WILL walk through the healing process with you. Close your eyes. Breathe. Rest. Worship. Feel His presence. He is right there, right next to you. He is beckoning for you to place your hurt, once again, into his outstretched hands. His yoke is easy and His burden is light, because He can do the heavy lifting. You were never meant to carry this pain alone.

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My Demon, My Jesus is #1 Best Seller!

WE DID IT!!! "My Demon, My Jesus" hit #1 Best Seller again in several categories this week. (Is this really important? Maybe not... but I really like to continue earning the International Best Seller graphic on my book cover ;-)) Thank you to everyone who liked, shared, and/or purchased myRead more


THREE. MORE. DAYS. !!! 😳😬😄😁   (please feel free to share! :-))   #Jesus #JesusSaves #Healing #DepressionFree #SuicidePrevention #ChristianMemoir #Memoir #BestSeller #BookSale #BookDeals #KindleUnlimited #KindleBooks #KindleDeal #KindleSale #BookLover

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