Just a Little While…

Do you feel like you are suffering right now? Do you feel beaten down emotionally and spiritually right now? Remember this promise. Your sufferings will only last “a little while.” Even now God can restore your spirit and heart. Even now He will pour His strength, courage, and healing into your soul if you reach out to Him.

Hang on, friend, just a little while longer. Your help is on the way. And He is Jesus.

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This Is How You Heal

Forgiving your abuser is perhaps the most difficult task you will ever pursue. How do we forgive? When they will never apologize... never change... never recognize how they've damaged you... How do we forgive? What do you do when the anger and hurt comes boiling up yet again within yourRead more

My Prayer Closet

My PRAYER CLOSET is WITHIN MY OWN SOUL because that is where the Holy Spirit resides. I can go there any time, no matter where I am, or what I am doing. He is ALWAYS with me. I can ALWAYS be in communion with Jesus Christ. #PrayUnceasingly #prayerlife #holyspiritfire #prayerworksRead more