If God can use ME, He can use ANYONE!

Can God use a tattoo covered, pierced, recovered drug addict, divorced, suicide-survivor, "rebellious" misfit? Can He call somebody like that? Can He anoint them, fill them with His Holy Spirit? Give them spiritual gifts, words and visions? OF COURSE HE CAN! He did. He does. He WILL! God is callingRead more

FREE! Week 1 Sessions of New Book “Chaos Calmed” with eMail List Signup

Hey everybody, I am working on another book! “Chaos Calmed: Introduction to Meditative Prayer & Spiritual Healing Workbook” is a four week program that introduces readers to Christian meditative prayer and guides them through the spiritual healing process that healed me from depression. Right now I am giving away the first week of sessions as a FREE download when you sign up for my email list.

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The Rock

God doesn’t promise us a life without burdens. The stones will inevitably litter our path. Sometimes they look heavy, unwieldy, imposing lying there in front of us. How will we ever manage to carry them? But Jesus does promise to walk through the journey with us. He offers to heft our struggles upon His own strong shoulders if we let Him. And then on the underside of it, after we make it through the storm, there is the treasure. There is the shining glittery treasure, the strength, character, deeper faith, peace, victory and all the other gifts that can usually only be found by picking up those ugly rocks.

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The Power of “Meanwhile”

Many of us are also walking through “meanwhile” times… illnesses, broken relationships, disappointments, financial struggles, or other trials. Many of us feel we are in holding patterns, waiting for answers and breakthroughs. How tempting it is to feel sorry for ourselves, to blame God and give up. The enemy would have us believe that God is far away from us during times like this. The enemy whispers into our minds that God must not care about us to let us suffer so.

Don’t believe the lies.

God is always right there walking through it with us, ready to bless us despite the pain, if we will only trust Him.

Whatever difficult situation you are enduring, no matter what hardship is staring you in the face, rest assured that this is only a “meanwhile.” Believe that God is putting the pieces into place for miracles in your life as well… because He is!

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Bird Watching & Patience

How I would love to be the eagle soaring peacefully above the harried torrent and worries of the day. How I long for such strength and wisdom. Instead I will probably always be a little awkward swallow, trying to fly too high for my weak little self, flapping furiously and ineffectively against the tumultuous winds of this life.

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The Bumblebee and the Wasp

I am surprised to watch the wasp attack the bee, biting him on his fuzzy back with short quick jabs. I want to help the bee. I love bumblebees and their pollination duties are so needed. Plus I am no fan of the hot headed bothersome wasps. But I am barefoot and have nothing to swat with. So I watch and silently root for my bee.

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