Hey everybody, I am working on another book! “Chaos Calmed: Introduction to Meditative Prayer & Spiritual Healing Workbook” is a four week program that introduces readers to Christian meditative prayer and guides them through the spiritual healing process that healed me from depression. Right now I am giving away the first week of sessions as a FREE download when you sign up for my email list. Sign up HERE!

In 1 Kings 19, God tells Elijah to go stand on a mountain. There was a great windstorm, then an earthquake, and then a fire. But God was not in any of those things. Instead, God spoke to Elijah in a “low whisper.” We find ourselves in a similar situation. Our culture’s messages are loud fires storming around us, constantly bombarding us. God’s words to us are often quiet. They can be drowned out by everything else. We usually must unplug from our culture and our busyness to hear God’s voice. If you make space for God regularly, in quiet stillness, He WILL respond to you.

If you want your relationship with God to be deep, lasting, and real, then it must go deeper than the surface physical level of you. It must reach down into your soul. It is within our souls where Christians will find the Holy Spirit residing within us. It is there that God can heal you and fill you with His love, peace, victory, and strength.

Each day’s session includes a short main message, meditation exercise, correlating Scripture and prayer. These exercises teach you how to quiet your thoughts and rest in the presence of the Holy Spirit. You can learn to manage your thoughts and emotions rather than being trapped inside of and controlled by them. Learning this discipline will bring you tremendous peace and even joy. Your spirit will awaken as you grow closer to God.

The full workbook, Chaos Calmed: Introduction to Meditative Prayer & Spiritual Healing Workbook, includes four weeks of sessions (20 sessions, one session per day, five for each week with two free days each week). Subsequent sessions cover spiritual warfare, spiritual healing, mastering your thought life, conquering fear and depression, finding joy, going deeper with God, and living in victory. Please consider working through the entire four week course for the full benefit of meditative prayer and spiritual healing. It will be available in Spring 2023. Please contact me at bluetapp@gmail.com if you would like to preorder your copy.

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