I’m the kinda’ girl who thinks God made the sunset just for me. I see a pretty leaf on the ground or a beautiful wildflower and I believe God personally orchestrated that sweet little moment as a gift to me.

Many may think such thinking to be foolish, naive, ridiculous, even arrogant. But you know what it actually is?


It is childlike faith to feel God smiling down on me, maybe chuckling a bit, when I notice the passion flower He placed along the path for me.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to live in such a place — where anything is possible because the God who is powerful enough to create the cosmos, leans down from above to place a delicate daisy just for one silly little old lady… a silly little old lady who He loves so much. What a happy magical place that would be.

And maybe, just maybe, it isn’t a foolish, naive, ridiculous idea at all.

Maybe it is true…

Not just for me,

But you too!