Today: Psalms 52; Luke 24:3-53; Joshua 13 & 14

Psalms 52

Ever since Adam and Eve ate that forbidden fruit, the entire earth and all of humanity has lived under a curse. Those fateful bittersweet bites signed a contract with the devil that is broken only by the blood of Jesus.

People my age (50s) have lived through a time of relative peace and great wealth in the United States. Most of us have been sheltered form the horrors of war and plagues. This allowed much of our Christian church to get really comfortable, to take our salvation for granted, to fall asleep. Many of us became weak in our faith and neglected to train our children the truth about Jesus.

We are paying for that now as the world heats up and our time of peace draws to a close. Evil has become bolder and no longer hides in the shadows. In a way this is good, because it is stirring many of us from our slumber as we are surprised by undeniable wickedness. That is what has happened to Craig and me. God has called us to a deeper faith, a more extreme walk of trust than we ever dreamed of. He has given us visions and invited us to join with all the other believers He is simultaneously calling into prayer and spiritual warfare. There are millions of us around the globe being called right now. This is a new thing He is doing.

As Satan ramps up his forces, so too does God call and equip His armies. No matter how much the world appears to be crumbling, know that “the faithfulness of God endures all day long.” (v.1) No matter how strong the enemy might appear, the workers of deceit who “boast in evil,” “devise destruction,” and “love evil” (v.1-2) God WILL break down forever. This is a PROMISE.

Luke 24

“Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures…” Luke 24:45

Imagine this amazing scene. Suddenly Jesus appeared in the midst of the disciples. They couldn’t believe their eyes. They had watched Him die just a few short days ago. Yet there He was… ALIVE!!! There He was showing them the crucifixion scars on His hands and feet, eating a piece of fish to prove He was indeed real in the flesh and not merely a spirit. How could this be? How marvelous! What a fantastic miracle!!

“And then He opened up their minds to understand the Scriptures…” (v.45) Suddenly everything made sense!

And He will do this for you and me as well… if we ask Him… if we seek Him. Because Jesus is STILL ALIVE. And Jesus, as the Holy Spirit, will be our constant companion and guide if we ask, if we seek. It is TRUE! It IS marvelous!! The most fantastic miracle!!!