"The Whole of Creation Testifies of You" artwork by Signeflinkart

Today: Psalms 53; John 1:1-28; Joshua 15 & 16

Psalms 53

“The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.'” Psalm 53:1

I’ve never understood atheists. Even during the years that I was running away from God, I still believed in Him. The existence of a divine Creator has always seemed so obvious. Just one hike down a forest trail offers undeniable proof. All of this order and complexity could not have come about by chance. I KNOW there is a God because Creation, His handiwork, shouts it out from the mountaintops.

John 1

The book of John was written much later than the other three gospels. In John, we have the benefit of John’s older wisdom, of his many years of experience being filled and trained by the Holy Spirit. The book of John focuses on who Jesus IS. Perhaps there had been some uncertainty about the identity of Jesus based on the first three accounts of His life in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. John obviously wanted to clear up any confusion. His words are precise, clear, carefully chosen. John obviously wanted to ensure readers understood plainly the profound identity of Jesus Christ.

Here is what he tells us about Jesus in John 1:

Jesus has always existed from the very beginning of time. Jesus is God’s living WORD. Jesus is God Himself. EVERYTHING was created THROUGH Jesus Christ. Jesus is our LIFE and our LIGHT, the one and ONLY true light that can enlighten every person. Jesus became flesh and lived on earth with us but we did not recognize who He was. But those of us who DO recognize His identity, those of us who believe and receive Jesus, become children born of God.