I call these Nail-Pierced Hand Paintings. Within every painting is the nail-pierced hand of Jesus Christ.

Jesus, God, His Holy Spirit is everywhere — underneath everything, holding it up… behind, through, inside, above, within and without.

He is our breath and our heartbeat… the heartbeat of the entire universe. His presence permeates everything.

He is always calling out to our souls, relentlessly pursuing us. His nail-pierced hand beckons us to follow Him. He invites us to place our own hands within His protective grasp.

He knows us intimately, every tiny part of us, our deepest secrets. Yet He loves us. He delights in us. He desires relationship with us. He provided a way of salvation for us.

My colors are vibrant, rich, deep. They radiate… My hope is that these designs will reach into your soul. I invite you into this amazing world where I live — resting in the glorious eternal magic that is Jesus.

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