Today: Psalms 45:10-17; Luke 16:19-31; Luke 17:1-10; Deuteronomy 23, 24 & 25

Psalms 45

“Listen, daughter, look and incline your ear: forget your people and your father’s house; then the King will crave your beauty. Because He is your Lord…” Psalm 45:10-11

How exciting it must have been when the Holy Spirit began to reveal to the writers of the New Testament how their sacred writings (the Old Testament) pointed to Jesus Christ. Can you imagine how the light bulbs kept popping on as they poured over the ancient texts?!

Jesus was the plan from the very beginning. Jesus was ALWAYS the plan.

In Psalms 45, WE are the daughter who is loved by the King. The writer of Hebrews quotes this Psalm and refers to Jesus as the King in this passage (Heb. 1:8)

"The Fathers Forgiveness" painting by Daniel Bonnell

Luke 17 

“If [your brother] sins against you seven times a day, and returns to you seven times, saying, ‘I repent,’ you shall forgive him.” Luke 17:4

Jesus’ teachings about forgiveness were radical and difficult. Jewish law had always been an eye for and eye. And now Jesus was saying to repeatedly forgive your brother who sins against you. The radical forgiveness lifestyle that Jesus describes is not humanly possible on this side of the veil. Only through the sacrifice and salvation of Christ can we be considered as pure as the way of life Jesus described. That is why faith is required. If we try to live such a radical life on our won, we condemn ourselves to the law, the old way of trying to achieve perfection by our own stubborn willpower. It can’t be done! Only through faith in Jesus, by continually throwing ourselves at His feet and covering ourselves with His perfection, can the radical life Jesus described in Luke 17 be achieved.