photo credits: Schristia, Cloud; Chris Tangey, Fire

Today: Psalms 35:19-28; Luke 3:1-22; Numbers 9:15-23; Numbers 10; Numbers 11:1-3

Numbers 9-11

In Numbers 9 and 10 we observe the Israelites faithfully following God’s leading. God’s presence was with them as a cloud pillar by day and fire by night. As long as God’s presence remained over the tabernacle tent, the Israelites stayed put. That might be for a day, a month, or a year. The Israelites had no idea. They just stayed there until they saw God’s presence (the cloud or the fire) rise from the tabernacle and start moving.

What a crazy way to live! They couldn’t really make their own plans. Their place of residence was completely dependent upon God’s timing.

Now it seems to me that it would be luxurious to have such obvious heavenly guidance — a glowing cloud or pillar of fire leading the way. Sometimes we are unsure exactly what God’s will is for us. But the Israelites had no such dilemma. They just watched for that cloud to start moving and they followed it.  I would love to have such clear direction!

But how many of us would be willing to just blindly follow God’s lead? Would we be willing to pack up in a moment’s notice without having any idea where we are going or how long we are going to be traveling? (How ever would we know how many outfits to pack?!)

Would we follow? Or would we grumble as the Israelites did in Numbers 11?