You know how a husband and wife often develop a ‘secret language’ between them over time? They have little looks, nudges, inside jokes and stories that only the two of them share? I can look at Craig a certain way and he’ll know exactly what I am thinking when other people would have no idea.

It is the same in our relationship with Jesus. God and I also have a secret language between that has developed over time… a system of signs, words, feelings, and other ways that He expresses Himself to me. Over the years, this language has progressed so that He can speak to me with amazing clarity, so that His will for me can be crystal clear.

But this sort of language can only be established over time — only after hundreds of hours spent together. People want to know how do you know God’s will? How do you hear His voice?? The most important answer is TIME with Him. Time with Him in prayer, in His Word to us. There is no replacement for TIME with God.