Back in August I started having visions that I visited heaven where God gave me an assignment to “pray for the world” along with all the saints. Week after week I experienced these visions of joining hands with the saints in heaven and praying for the world with them. What is happening in our world right now is SO BIG that God called in reinforcements for his prayer warriors in heaven. He called people like me and brought us through the veil so that we could pray for the world with the saints. I had thought it was so fun and neat that I got to have visions and pray for the world. I had no idea of the gravity of what I was getting to participate in. I was like a little kid thinking it was all a fun game.In one of my last visions I saw an army of angels on horses galloping off to war. In the vision I was on my face praying for the world with all the other saints. We were desperately crying out to God.In the next vision I saw that the war had been won and all the angels had returned from battle victorious. I joined in the victory party with all the saints. I had always viewed these visions as wonderful but so mysterious. I was so thankful to be having them but didn’t really understand what they meant. I feel that God has just put in the last puzzle piece and I understand how it all connects to what is happening in our world today.