I am mesmerized by the forest… by the intricacy of life in the woods. Every square millimeter teems with fantastic variety — mosses, insects, flowers, grasses, mushrooms, trees. Even the  rocks are filled with ever changing life.

Creation surrounds me on all sides, above and below. It starts underground and works its way heavenward. Every layer contains all variations of life, from worms wriggling through the dirt to the clouds wafting through the blue sky, and everything in between. Ants crawl along the forest floor. Squirrels hop from tree branch to tree branch. Leaves slowly sway in the wind. Birds soar through the air above me. In the woods I am completely immersed within glorious life.

My woods move through time as well, changing with the seasons, year after year, through the sleep of winter, rebirth of spring, summer growth, to the returning sleep of autumn. A million births, lives, and deaths, miracles upon miracles, repeating forever. This is a four dimensional universe where the sum is greater than its parts.

I have the mind of an artist. Science class didn’t come easy way back when. But now I understand the allure of earth sciences. How enticing it sounds to dive deeply into the complexity of nature. I wonder though, if maybe if learning how it all works, what officially makes everything tick, might somehow diminish my joy of it all? Now, in my ignorance, nature is all magical to me and I would hate to lose any of that magic.

But I think it would actually magnify my enjoyment even more. I suspect that this delightful well of discovery has no bottom. The deeper we swim, the more mysterious and marvelous it all becomes. The more our minds can grasp how mind bogglingly complex creation is, the more we recognize just how fantastic is this master-artist Creator of ours.

Only the most magnificent God could create all of this from nothing. Woods are my worship. And my worship is simply to be astounded at how awesome is our God.