Many Christians think God only gives us happy gifts… thinks like money, nice vacations, a good job, a winning football team. And he DOES give us happy gifts sometimes. But reality is more complicated than that.

When life gets really tough — a cancer diagnosis, a death — those Christians either lose their faith or begin to understand that following God isn’t always going to be easy. In fact, it’s probably going to be really hard.

But God will walk through the tough times with you if you let him. And if you work with Him, He will use your struggles to make you a better, stronger person. And when you understand that, you’ve graduated from baby food Christianity, to veggies!

Then when you start to even be THANKFUL for the hard times, because you understand that nothing is more important than becoming more like Jesus… then you’ve started digging into the meat of the Christian life. And that is the most divinely free and fearless way anyone can possibly live.