Today: Psalms 2; Matthew 2; Genesis 2:18-4:16

Once you commit to spending time with God every day, and really start doing it, then he’s got you. And that is EXACTLY where you want to be, within his all powerful, loving hands.

Genesis 2-4

God’s greatest creation was to create human beings. He created us in his own image; we are his children equipped with God’s holy image stamped upon our souls. To the very first two humans he gave the ability to create life — what a holy miraculous act that new life is formed when two people join together. This, above all of his gifts, is the most profound reflection of himself that God has imbued upon us… to become his assistants in the creation of life. It is the biggest responsibility he has granted us. How horribly we have abused it.

Satan didn’t waste any time. He immediately approached God’s newest creation to do what he always does — to lie and accuse. He accused God of holding out on them, not caring about them. He appealed to their pride and promised they could be like God. And when they believed his lies they chose to follow Satan rather than God. With that first bite into the forbidden fruit, they signed a contract granting Satan dominion over this world… at least until God crushes that contract once and for all. The fine print of that cursed contract included pain, toil, and death. And here we are…

Satan ALWAYS uses this same lie — that we don’t need God, that we can do this life thing better than God, that WE can control our own lives. They are all lies. Don’t believe it. Don’t listen. Don’t bite into that forbidden fruit. That first bite might initially taste sweet but it is a deathly poison.

Matthew 2

Soon after Jesus is born, the jealous King Herod orders that all boys 2 years old and younger be slaughtered. How vain he was to think his horrific decree could thwart God’s plans. Satan’s schemes so often include the murder of innocent children — either physically, spiritually, or emotionally. Christ shows mercy on the weakest, most vulnerable among us. Satan shows only loathing and hatred.

Psalm 2

The second Psalm prophesies the coming of the Christ. Just as God created the earth and gave it to US in Genesis, he gives US to his son, Jesus. Humanity’s contract with Satan was always only temporary. He’s only renting us for a while. The real owner is Christ. Of course the people’s plots against God will always be in vain because only Jesus is the rightful king of all the nations, over all the earth.

Adam and Eve. Paradise Lost by Pavel Popov