New video! I discuss a recent prophecy from Robin Bullock and also share a neat little thing God showed me about the Join Hands With Heaven visions…

From an interview with Robin Bullock on Elijah Streams, February 2, 2023

“We have approached a time of a true revolution in the Spirit. The wind of the Spirit has truly gone out to all the 4 corners of the earth to bring about revival – a revival the likes of which we’ve never seen.”

“It is more than a revival. It is a renewal and rebirth. It’s going to look like a revolution, not a revolution like you might thing, but a revolution of belief. And it will come on the lips of those who do not look like religion says they should look. They will not dress the way religion says they’ll dress. Yes, they’ll not talk the way religion says they should talk.”

“The revolution of the Spirit that is coming will be resurrection power. It will raise the dead of this world. It will be the resurrection days and hours of the glory of God and it will raise the dead of this world…. those from all walks of life, cowboys, hippies, the pierced, the tattooed. It will raise a Jesus revolution. They will look different. And they will love one another.”

“But religion hates love so it will hate them.”

“A revival of the prophets came to proclaim the renewal, the restoration, and the revolution to come. But religion hated it. The people saw and heard the words of the prophets and knew God had not forgotten them. But religion hated the way the prophets looked and sounded and so decided to destroy it even if it meant injuring the revolution to come.”

“The prophets are like the voice of one crying in the wilderness, shouting to the people, ‘Get ready for the move to come!'”

“It has now fallen into the arena of decision. Who will believe? It is now in the arena of decision as to what you will believe… religion, or the move of the Spirit. It is for you to decide. But decide quickly, says the Lord, for we are only months away from its beginning.”