(Note: In August 2019, God began giving me visions that my soul was transported to heaven to pray for the world with all the saints. I have had several visions every week since then and have experienced many other amazing things in these visions. I believe God has called me to be a prayer warrior and intercessor in these days. He has also commanded me to write everything down and I have filled eight journals with my visions and locutions from God in the past year and a half. I also record many of them here. This morning I received what I believe to be a prophetic word from God directed to the leaders of the Protestant Church in America. This is the first time I have ever received a prophetic word directed to someone besides myself. I pray that I have faithfully recorded this message from God.)

I am the LORD God, the Creator of the Universe. Make no mistake, EVERY knee SHALL bow down to me. EVERY tongue SHALL confess that I the LORD am God, that Jesus Christ, my son, is LORD.

YOU, Protestant church, YOU have offended me. You have watered down my message of salvation. You have hidden harder teachings to make the gospel more palatable, to make your sanctuaries seeker friendly.

But you have defiled my Holy temple. You have allowed the lies of the enemy into my Holy temple. You have turned my message of salvation into a laughable farce as you run and clutch at every prevailing trend, prostituting yourself to the enemy. My Son is the salvation I have provided. This is my plan. This is what I, the LORD your God, have ordained. Who are you, O man, to add or to remove from this plan, with your fickle hearts and adulterous affections?

You have turned my house into a den of adulterous vipers, self-help gurus peddling nothing but baby food. You speak the message you think the world wants to hear to fill your pews and your coffers, greasing up your doors with snake oil. But you are WEAK! Your flocks are WEAK! They need the meat of truth but you give them watered down milk.

You are building fields of thorns and rocks. No wonder your youth have rejected you. They have no roots. At the first winds of hardships they are gone. They hunger for depth, truth, and meaning. You give them nothing so they embrace the lies of this world. They embrace the false religion of social justice because it offers more depth and meaning than your empty message. But it is a pit of false meaning — a trap the enemy has dug to deceive.

Their blood, the loss of your youth, is on YOUR hands. You clamor for justice but you do not come to me. You rely on man to save you. Do not trust in Trump, or the military, or Q to save You. I, the LORD your God, am your salvation. I am your ONLY salvation. I have raised up these men to do my work but YOUR lack of faith stops my hands.

I am sifting you. I, the LORD your God, am allowing the enemy to sift you. Indeed I myself am CAUSING it. You cry out justice, justice! It is for the children! The blood of these children is on your hands as well. Justice will come when you throw away your idols, renounce your worship of this world and repent. Justice will come through your broken hearts and cleansed hands.

(Folks, this is a hard message and I really didn’t want to post this. But I believe this came directly from God to us. This is a message for ME as much as anybody. Please just pray about these words and ask if anything in this message is from God to you personally. I have no idea if I will be getting more of these or if this was a one time experience. If I get more in the future, I will post them here. May God bless you.)