When I was ten years old, I had a prophetic dream that I believe describes what is happening to us today. I knew it was important when I had this dream as a child almost 45 years ago. I still remember it vividly and have told many people about it over the years. I never thought it was something I would see happen in my lifetime.

When the COVID lockdowns and mask mandates began hitting us last year, I knew that my dream was coming true. Craig couldn’t understand why I felt this way. He argued that the virus lockdowns were nothing like my dream. But I knew deep down in my soul that my dream was beginning to become reality. And I’ve watched over the past year and a half as our circumstances slowly transformed closer and closer to my childhood dream.

The dream began with my mother, father, younger brother and me sitting in our living room watching our little flickering 1970s tv. The stone faced newscaster reported that government officials would be going door to door on a certain date. We were instructed to wait for them in our living rooms on that date. The reporter clearly explained the reason for their visit. They were going to kill us all.

I was shocked and horrified. How could this be? I tried to explain to my parents that we needed to hide from the government officials. We couldn’t just let them come and kill us!

But my parents both stared back at me with blank expressions and said that we must obey what we had been instructed to do. I tried to talk to my neighbors. I walked up and down the streets of our neighborhood knocking on doors, pleading with people not to obey the government’s orders. But everyone responded with exactly the same monotone, blank-faced answer. We must obey.

I gave up trying to warn anyone. No one would listen to me. I was just a child. But I had no intention of sitting in my living room with the rest of my family waiting for them to come kill me.

When that day came, I hid deep inside piles of empty boxes in our basement and waited. I heard the officials pound on our front door when they arrived to our house. I heard the gunshots. There were no screams, no sounds of struggle. No one resisted. Then there were no more noises. I waited, terrified, in my hiding place, for the rest of that day and through the night.

As the morning sun peeked through our basement windows, after many hours of silence, I cautiously ventured upstairs. My parents and brother were gone. There were no bodies. No blood.

I walked outside and our entire neighborhood was abandoned. No people anywhere. I walked down the middle of the empty street in shock.

I didn’t hear the black van as it pulled up beside me. As the side door slid open, I looked inside to see several other young people sitting inside. They had somehow avoided the officials’ guns, just like me. A voice from the front seat said, “Get in.” and I did. I did not resist. I was still in shock.

We sat in silence as the van left our neighborhood and drove across the city. It finally arrived in front of a large square black glass building, several stories tall, which sat all by itself atop a treeless grassy hill.

We were instructed to get out of the van. They marched us into the building and lined us up in the middle of a huge mostly empty room. The walls, high ceiling, and floor were all shiny black, like marble and glass. Other people milled about the perimeters of the room. But we stood alone in the middle of it. A small group of official looking people stood off a ways from us speaking to each other in hushed voices. I could tell they were talking about us.

I leaned over to the person standing next to me and asked her, “What are they going to do with us?”

She looked back at me with that same blank expression everyone else had before. Her mouth curved up in a slight smile. “Oh they’re going to kill us,” she told me.

Instantly the fog of shock lifted. I had to get out of there. I couldn’t let them kill me. In one movement, I abruptly turned and ran toward the door.

I could hear yelling, running feet, gunshots behind me. But I never looked back.

I flung open the heavy black door and ran as fast as I could down the narrow paved road away from that big black building. I couldn’t believe their bullets kept missing me, couldn’t believe that no one was able to overtake me. But I never looked back. I just ran and ran and ran.

In my dream, it seemed that I ran for hours. The yelling and the gunshots slowly faded away and I kept running. I ran out of the city and the landscape grew increasingly rural. I kept running. No one came after me. Now the only things I could hear were my footsteps and my steady labored breaths.

I kept running through the countryside, down the country roads, between the farm fields and woods until the sun began to dip below the horizon. I kept running into the darkness. Stars shone brightly above me in the black night. There were no lights, no cars, no houses… just me running alone through the empty countryside.

Finally as I crested the top of a hill, I saw a beautiful glowing city ahead of me in the distance. I knew that I would be safe in that city. Then I woke up.

It was a freaky dream for a ten year old. I wasn’t into action movies, hadn’t seen anything remotely like that crazy dream. I knew instinctively, even as a child, that it was more than just a dream.

I do believe that I am watching this dream unfold today. It was only my intuition in the beginning. But as the obvious lies and manipulations surrounding the pandemic multiplied, I knew I was right.

Then the vax… their goal all along. When people started lining up to be injected with an experimental, untested (except on the ferrets who all died), unapproved, questionable substance, I began to recognize my dream. The blank faces, the unquestioning obedience… it was all the same.

I don’t share this to scare anyone but hopefully to warn someone somewhere. Although I suspect it will be just like my dream, no one will listen to me. I believe God gave me that dream all those decades ago so that I would recognize what was happening at the very outset and not be deceived.

So many people don’t recognize that our pharmaceutical companies have been compromised, bought out and now controlled by people who openly advocate for depopulation. Why do we trust these people? And the mainstream media who continue to be caught in lie after lie. Why does anyone trust these people? We are offering up our bodies as living sacrifices to these people, allowing them to set up a situation of regular mandated injections of God-knows-what into our bodies. There is no oversight. No accountability. They can infuse us with whatever concoction they choose, toxins, metals, aborted baby tissue, DNA altering substances, microchips. How will you know? Why are we trusting these people?

And today I see that Biden is planning to send officials door to door. Stay in your living rooms and wait for them…