In January 2023, I posted four videos describing a series of visions that I experienced during 21 Days of Prayer. I believe God has given me an interpretation of these visions and permission to share it here.

This is the overall message from the four visions:


REVIVAL IS COMING! Our call is to JOIN HANDS WITH HEAVEN to help bring it about! We strengthen ourselves and prepare for battle by connecting with Jesus and filling ourselves with the fruit of Jesus. We are surrounded by God’s angels who are praising Jesus with us and helping us. Our commission is to go into all the earth, bringing the good news that Jesus is alive, resurrected and reigning. The fire of revival has already begun to burn and it will continue to grow bigger and hotter until it engulfs the entire earth. The Holy Spirit fire of revival is following right behind us. It is catching up to us. Be encouraged! Keep going! And JOIN HANDS WITH HEAVEN!

Here are the original four videos that describe the visions: