In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus rebukes the storm by saying, “Peace, be still!”

Then He asks the disciples, “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”

So this is Jesus’ question for us when we struggle with fearfulness.

Notice that Jesus wasn’t accusing the disciples of being fearful AFTER He had calmed the storm. They were no longer afraid then. Jesus was asking why they had been so fearful DURING the storm.

These were seasoned fishermen with much experience fishing on that very sea. That must have been one terrible storm for them to have been so afraid.

Yet Jesus asked them why they had been so fearful?

The problem was not the storm itself but their fear response to it. The actual physical storm was nothing for Jesus. He calmed it with three short words.

The INTERNAL storm — the fearfulness the disciples felt — was a completely different matter.

We cannot calm our internal storms by ourselves, by sheer willpower. We must partner with Jesus for this… that is where the “faith” part comes in.

We partner with Jesus through faith to speak “Peace, be still” to the fearfulness, anxieties, worries, and doubts that rage within our own souls.

Jesus can calm any storm!

(“Fear” painting by Natalia Marinych)