The Holy Spirit is our PRISM.

He takes our lives and refracts them into something much more beautiful, if we let Him. The Holy Spirit can filter our life circumstances, our thoughts and emotions, and show us how it all is part of His magnificent masterpiece.

The multi-colored light shining through a prism is actually closer to the truth than the plain white light we see with our naked eyes. Light is always made up of this rainbow of colors but we can’t see it without the help of a prism’s refraction.

The same is true of our life situations, our feelings and thoughts. We often cannot really see the truth of it all. We are short-sighted, myopic, trapped within the confines of our small human minds, our limited knowledge, our biases, wounds, and histories.

But the Holy Spirit has ETERNAL VISION. He sees and understands everything, all at once, the entire spectrum beginning to end. Why would we not wish to tap into such vast wisdom? It is ours for the tapping…

We often feel overwhelmed by our circumstances. Sometimes the struggle of life appears insurmountable. We are tired and overworked. I’m right there with you. I feel that way a lot!

But when I lean into Him, spend some good deep time with Him in prayer, meditation, Word… all that changes. The desperation transforms into strength, courage, hope, peace, joy, endurance, and victory. This transition can happen surprisingly quickly. I’ve gone from depths of anguish to divine elation in mere moments. That isn’t me. I can’t do that. But the He can. He will.

The Holy Spirit also has TRANSFORMATIVE POWER. The more we invite Him into our lives and let Him be our prisms, the more He changes us into these marvelous rainbow creatures who think, act and live in confident joy within His glorious plan. Not only can our own lives become more wonderful, but we become His prisms for others as well.

Holy Spirit, let me see the world through You. Open my eyes to perceive the holy kaleidoscope that is Your glorious purpose. Holy Spirit, be my prism!