Healing from abuse is RECURSIVE. It doesn’t take a straight linear path. It moves in circles. We take three steps forward and two steps back. Triggers will happen. Sometimes the hurt floods back in waves. One day you feel like you’ve finally made some progress and the next day you’re a sobbing heap of mush.

I say this so you won’t be surprised when it happens. Expect it.

I say this so that you won’t get discouraged when you feel like you are moving backwards. The backward steps are going to happen. It is part of the process. Remember that the FORWARD steps WILL ALSO HAPPEN. As long as you keep working on it, as long as you keep reaching out to the One from whom your help comes, as long as you are still breathing, the healing is available.

I say this so you won’t give up. Keep going. Keep seeking Jesus. He WILL walk through the healing process with you. Close your eyes. Breathe. Rest. Worship. Feel His presence. He is right there, right next to you. He is beckoning for you to place your hurt, once again, into his outstretched hands. His yoke is easy and His burden is light, because He can do the heavy lifting. You were never meant to carry this pain alone.