I grew up in a legalistic religion that taught of a hateful taskmaster god. I was taught that we must follow a long list of rules. I was taught that everything fun must be wrong. Laughing too much was suspect. The god of my childhood was not loving, or kind, or forgiving. He could barely even stand me…

I rejected that horrible god.

Then Jesus… the REAL Jesus found me. He followed me actually, because I had invited Him into my life when I was six years old, and He was there with me all along. I knew Him when I was little. I knew Him when I had a childlike mind full of wonder and play. I knew He loved and cared about me and liked me, really really LIKED me!

But then I grew older and all that childlike wonderfulness was beaten out of my soul for a while… until I stopped, and listened to His sweet voice calling me back again.

Jesus came all the way down to earth from heaven to save me. This is the real Jesus that I find in the pages of my Bible.

Legalistic religion confined my soul. The real Jesus brings me into a spacious place where I can breathe and laugh.

Legalistic religion taught me condemnation and shame. The real Jesus loves me. He enjoys my company. He delights in me!