We serve an omnipotent, victorious God. He is all-knowing and all-seeing. He has a perfect plan for this world and for us, His children.

Things might appear dreadful sometimes here on ground level. But from God level, it’s a whole different story. Our God not only knows the future, He’s in charge of it. We are only foot soldiers on the ground who find ourselves in the midst of a cosmic battle between good and evil, between life and death. We aren’t merely pawns in this war; WE are the prize being fought for by both sides. Sometimes it can feel like we’re being ripped into pieces…

The good news is that the ending of the battle has already been determined. Good won the battle when Jesus died on the cross and defeated death by returning to life. That part is finished. The battle is over and good has won the victory. Now WE just have to run out the clock, play our part in the physical timeline. But the good guy is not only fighting for us, He’s given us a helper, the Holy Spirit, who is always with us.

Our enemy is pretty smart but he’s not omnipotent. He doesn’t know everything and he can’t see the future like God does. If Satan knew what was going to happen when Jesus was crucified, he never would have incited that crowd. He never would have signed his own death warrant if he had known. To Jesus’ followers, it seemed that all was lost. But Jesus knew, as he hung on that cross, that the victory was imminent.

It’s too late for Satan now. He cannot thwart God’s plan and he can’t stop what’s coming. Satan only has one play book: destroy, destroy, destroy. And he’s giving it all he’s got. But the more he destroys, the more of us wake up and recognize that evil is real. The more he destroys, the more of us cry out to God to save us. His only scheme is also his own undoing.

We live in an exciting time of great awakening when more and more people are discovering and acknowledging Jesus Christ. So many brand new believers are celebrating their first Easter as Christians this year. Welcome brothers and sisters! How exciting this is for you.

Hang on and lean into Jesus. A life of faith can be the most glorious ride if you are willing to go deep. Deep is where the magic is, deep beyond all of this rancid physical world, deep into our eternal souls. That’s where God is, the Holy Spirit within our souls. We’ll find him there by practicing stillness, by setting aside time to shut off all the noise of this world and dive deep into prayer, meditation, praise, God’s messages to us (the Bible). For now, during this physical time period, that is where the victory is for us… in the stillness we will find LIFE.



"Hallelujah, He is Risen" painting by Wayne Pascall