"Apocalypse" painting by Emma Childs

Today: Proverbs 4:1-9; Matthew 24:1-31; Job 35, 36, & 37

Matthew 24 – Jesus Prophesies the End Times

Wow what an insane passage! I personally love all the prophetic passages in the Bible. I find them fascinating and exciting. It’s easy for me to get too caught up in the prophetic. YouTube is filled with people proclaiming their predictions and interpretations of these crazy days we are living in.

Many folks think we are beginning the end times that Jesus speaks of. Maybe they are right! I have no idea. Especially in these current wacky times, it’s important to remember that NO ONE completely understands what the Biblical prophesies mean except for God. I love to consider all the different possibilities. But I have to be careful not to spend too much time digging around in the rabbit holes (I do have a regular job to perform every day afterall).

Living in a time of social turbulence can be frightening. We feel off balance trying to find our footing on the shifting sands of constantly changing narratives swirling all around us. We are bombarded by so much conflicting information; it seems impossible to know what is really true.

But the one thing I KNOW is true is my God. He is the ultimate truth and he never changes. He is the sure foundation where I firmly plant my feet to withstand the confusion. I find him in my Bible, in my prayers and meditation, in my fellowship with other believers. We can hang onto him when we feel overwhelmed or afraid. Now more than ever, we must take time to shut off all the noise and spend time in silence seeking God. He is the only sure truth in this mad world.

"The Projection" painting by Lorenzo Muriedas

Job 35-37

Projection is when a person accuses another of something they themselves are guilty of. That is what Elihu is doing in Job 35-37. He accuses Job of arrogance and of rejecting God. He says that Job “opens his mouth with empty words” and “multiplies words without knowledge.” Elihu is actually the one whose words are empty although he is completely blind to this fact. Elihu claims that his own “words are not false” and “perfect in knowledge.” Do you know anyone who assumes these things about themselves? Do we think this about our own silly selves? We should read back over our social media posts before answering that question!

"L' Apocalypse" painting by Anne Lee
"Days End" painting by Carlos Anderson