"Batting Coach" painting by Pat Burns

A lot of people have a happily-ever-after, fairy tale perception of God’s will. They think that God wants to make us rich and popular and give us cushy lives of ease. They presume that God is kind of like a sugar daddy…

But God is really more like a tough coach. He wants to make us strong and wise, able to weather life’s storms with determined faith.

People who expect sugar daddy God become disillusioned when life gets tough. They get bitter and blame God for their troubles. Some of them lose their faith. Trusting in sugar daddy God isn’t very stable or deep.

God never says He will make us rich or popular. He never promises us an easy life. In fact, He pretty much promises us the opposite. He tells us that life will be full of troubles.

But He does promise to walk with us through the trials, to give us strength and to guide us when we seek Him. He promises to give us peace and joy, despite the struggles, if we seek Him.

This is coach God — training us, encouraging us, directing us. Those of us following coach God aren’t disillusioned when the troubles come. We are trained up and prepared. We resolutely continue marching on.