My time with God every day is the most important thing that I do. Resting in His presence is when I feed my soul the most. It is when I deepen my relationship with Him and hear His voice. Relationship with God is just like a relationship with another human, it requires time spent together to grow deeper. Nothing can replace that time, not even good “religiousy” things like charitable deeds, mission work, going to church, reading the Bible. Those are all good things but none of them can replace time spent alone with God.

Everything will get in the way of doing that… busy schedules, entertainments, social media addictions, apathy, anxieties, bitterness, family and friends. The entire universe will conspire against us spending that precious needed time. If it is not fought for, esteemed and prioritized it’s not going to happen. That isn’t an accident. It’s not really natural for our selfish human natures to set aside time for communion with an invisible God.

Not much of value comes easy. We have to work hard for the good stuff… good health, strong bodies, balanced life.

If we’re honest about it, a lot of the easy stuff makes us miserable… laziness, digital addictions, junk food. We’ve been sold this lie that a life of ease is preferable. We spend our lives too busy chasing down these things that only destroy us. And look at us, depressed, sick, tired. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our souls are the eternal part of us, our true identities. But we spend very little time feeding them. Some people don’t even know that they have a soul. They don’t recognize that their spirits are emaciated and ill. We don’t miss something that we don’t even know exists.

My challenge to anyone reading this is to just try fifteen minutes of meditative prayer every day this year. If fifteen is too hard, try ten. Five is better than none. Meditative prayer has made all the difference in my own life. Connecting with God this way has healed me emotionally and spiritually. It has tapped me into a joy that I didn’t even know was possible. I have watched close friends heal from trauma and abuse after they began practicing meditative prayer. In my case, I have been completely healed from depression for over 23 years now. It works. This is my gift to you.