Today: Psalm 25:16-22; Mark 7:31-37; Mark 98:1-13; Exodus 35 & 36

Mark 7

I find it so interesting how Jesus healed different people. He first put His fingers into the ears of the deaf mute man. Then He spit on His finger and touched the man’s tongue with His saliva. Okay first of all, gross. But actually I think it’s kind of wonderful, like a holy kiss from Jesus! Then Jesus said, “Be opened!” and the man was completely healed.

Mark 8

Again the disciples seem befuddled about how to feed the crowds. I think I would have just said, “Hey Jesus, can you do that food miracle again? That was really awesome!” But they’ve either forgotten or they are afraid to ask…

Exodus 35-36

The Israelites have had a change of heart. They bring so many offerings for the temple construction that Moses has to tell them to stop. Wow. Imagine if people today got fired up like this!