Happy Independence Day! It is HOT… a day for cold drinks and explosion hairdos…

My official book launch starts TOMORROW!! The Kindle eBook will be only 99¢ until Saturday, July 10. Now is the time to buy your copy, or share this with anyone (everyone) you think might be interested: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B4DW57QC/

Books sales have surprised me and the book hasn’t even officially launched yet. Sales in the US have been good. And there has been surprising interest in the UK and Canada (who knew?!) The book continues to make the #1 Hot New Release lists in eight categories now, and as high as #3 best seller in several of those.

My goal with the launch is to hit #1 Best Seller in at least one category. And then I’ll be able to say it is a #1 International Best Seller (wooohooooo!!)

So anyway, if you’ve been thinking about buying one, tomorrow would be a very good day to do it