Thankful For The Struggles

Many Christians think God only gives us happy gifts... thinks like money, nice vacations, a good job, a winning football team. And he DOES give us happy gifts sometimes. But reality is more complicated than that. When life gets really tough -- a cancer diagnosis, a death -- those ChristiansRead more

We Must Start With The Bible

We must start with the Bible. The Bible is God’s letter to us, His words that He has already given to us. How can we expect Him to speak to us unless we start with the messages He has already given to us?

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Meet Shaggy. When we first moved to our property, he greeted us in our front yard with nervous barking. When we tried to approach him, he skittishly ran away from us. We quickly realized he was homeless and starving. His hip bones visibly protruded beneath his matted fur. I began putting big bowls of dry dog food mixed with Alpo and dog treats out for him every day.

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Praise Him!

God doesn’t instruct us to praise Him because He has some sort of egotistical need to be praised. He tells us to praise Him because of what it does to US. Praising God completes us and heals us. The Holy Spirit inhabits our PRAISE. It is where He LIVES and manifests Himself in our lives.

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The Importance of Scripture

The Bible has to be our starting point for a life of faith. How can we expect God to speak to us or guide us if we don’t even read the letter He has already given to us? It is the singular most important existing document in the history of mankind. It is profoundly significant. The very keys to life and salvation are within its pages.

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How silly I was to ever have misgivings about this property. How did I not instantly recognize how thoroughly it would grab my heart. I feel ashamed for doubting God. He forgives me… How He delighted to bring us here. He is smiling.

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Are You an Innie or an Outie?

Are you an innie or an outie? Are you abiding in God’s peace, connecting to His Holy Spirit that lives in you? Or are you residing in the realm of the flesh, enslaved to worries and fear? Children of God, live in God’s light! God has called you by name… and that name is BELOVED. He WILL walk with you, WITHIN you, through every moment of your life. Set your mind on Him, grasp His outstretched hand, and experience LIFE!

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