Sometimes the most compassionate, selfless gift you can give an emotionally abusive narcissist is to release them from your life. It is a gift for both of you... they no longer must pretend to care about you... and your heart can heal. If you can release them with forgiveness, youRead more


Vengeance might make for an exciting Batman movie, but in real life, it never makes things right. An eye for an eye often sounds satisfying while we are angry. But the aftermath is empty at best, and is usually emotionally debilitating to all involved parties. Any good feeling our revenge brings will only be fleeting. Vengeance never heals.

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We Did It Again!

WE DID IT AGAIN! "My Demon, My Jesus" was #1 BestSeller on Amazon this week in 4 categories... Miracles & Spirituality, Health & Spirituality, Monasticism & Asceticism, & Depression sold in 6 countries: US, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan & Australia. THANK YOU to everyone of you who bought copies, likedRead more