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"The Trees Will Rejoice"

“Oh, sing unto the LORD a new song! Sing unto the LORD, all the earth.” Psalm 96:1

The 96th Psalm is a jubilant praise song. It declares the glory of God to all the nations. All of God’s marvelous creation praises Him, the heavens, the earth, the sea, the fields and woods.

I love to be outdoors enveloped by nature. I especially love to hike through the woods. God’s presence is so evident when I stroll beneath the regal oaks and pines in the forests next to our homestead. I have often noted how the trees, with their leafy branches reaching toward the sun, appear to be praising their Creator. And they are!

I pray that this design touches your soul. Jesus loves us deeply and desires relationship with us. His nail-scarred hand reaches toward our hearts, beckoning us to Him. John 3:16

~ Blue


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  • The Trees Will Rejoice — Framed Poster — 16″x20″ FREE SHIPPING

  • The Trees Will Rejoice — Poster — 16″x20″ FREE SHIPPING

  • The Trees Will Rejoice — Print on Canvas — 12″x16″ FREE SHIPPING