Tower of Babel 2.0

The Tower of Babel wasn’t just something that happened a long time ago. We humans are ALWAYS building our own Towers of Babel — piling up our bricks of pride and wickedness, attempting to push God aside and get to heaven ourselves.

Every so often, when God has had enough of our idiocy, He swoops in to tear our towers down. He removes all our vanities and delusions of power, confounds our plans, usually through wars or plagues or famines. And then great revivals come because for a time we regain our fear of God. For a short while we understand our own smallness.

But it never takes long before we are at it again, laying down those bricks, building that tower back up. Today our Tower of Babel is higher than it’s ever been before. We have risen above the clouds and into space. We think we ARE gods! In control of very life itself!

Oh sure, we’ve incorporated all the old refurbished bricks into our tower walls — immorality, idolatry, greed, gluttony, arrogance, sloth, sexual perversions, child sacrifice, etc… These days we’ve added new complexity into our brick batter — our many digital, medical, scientific advances that further stroke our inflated egos.

But the foundation of the tower is always that same prevailing pride. It’s always our pursuit of personal power. It’s always our rejection of God, our sweeping Him aside and attempting to save ourselves without His help.

But it can’t be done. We should not be surprised to find ourselves in the middle of a plague of destruction, lies, and fires.

Reckoning is coming.