"The Prayer" by Daniel Reef

I spend at least an hour with God every day. This time usually consists of a personal liturgy that includes prayer, meditation, memorized prayers, songs and communion. I love doing this; it is very meaningful and God often speaks to me during this time.

I’m extremely OCD. I like defined processes. Free time can be messy or (gasp) boring. Steps are orderly and clean. They ensure my mind stays busy.

But that isn’t always a good thing. How easy it is to replace real relationship with a bunch of steps to work through.  It is up to us to avoid the mindless rut of habit and familiarity. It is up to us to keep our friendship with God fresh and relevant.

So sometimes I set aside my guitar and rosary and just sit in silent meditation. I just sit with God without any agenda or process. I just sit… I tell God that this is his time to do whatever he chooses.

Today was one of those times.

Spending time with God every day is an act of worship. It’s not always amazing. I don’t always hear his voice. I don’t always have visions. That part is all up to him. And that’s okay. My only responsibility is to make the time. This is an hour every day when my soul reaches toward the Creator of the Universe to seek relationship. This is the most worthwhile way any of us could ever spend an hour.