Today: Psalms 69:1-12; John 21; 2 Samuel 2:8-32; 2 Samuel 3:1-21

Psalms 69

I have often felt like David described in Psalms 69… “I have sunk in deep mud, and there is no foothold; I have come into deep waters, and a flood overflows me.” (v.2)

When I was younger and very stupid, running away from God as hard as I could, I often felt like I was lost in a deep dark pit. I struggled with depression for many years.

Today, God has completely healed me from depression and I have wholeheartedly returned to my first love, Jesus Christ. Today “zeal for Your house has consumed me.” (v.9) Today I am passionately in love with Jesus!

“And the taunts of those who taunt You have fallen on me.” (v.9) I find it painful when people make fun of Jesus. It feels personal because I love Him so much. It feels as if they are mocking my husband or my best friend. But those who would insult Jesus Christ, obviously don’t know Him. They have no idea how amazing He is and that He loves them too.

"Feed My Sheep" painting by David Koch

John 21

I so love when Jesus shows up after His resurrection. How beautiful to see Him renewed, restored, whole… after the brutal horrific crucifixion. Thank You, God!!!

Three times Peter denied Jesus. Three times Jesus asked Peter, “Do you love Me?”

“Peter was hurt because He said to him the third time, ‘Do you love me?” (v.17) but it was actually a tender moment that Jesus gives Peter to confess his denial. Jesus knew about the denials before they even happened. Jesus also knew that Peter loved Him and was heartsick by his failure. Forgiveness is implied in Jesus’ gentle questions. Then He immediately offered Peter an assignment, “Tend My sheep.” (v.17)

Jesus told Peter, “Follow Me!” (v.19) When Peter took his focus off of Jesus to inquire about John, Jesus said to him, “If I want him to remain until I come, what is that to you? YOU follow Me!” (v.22)

No matter how good we are, we ALL still mess up sometimes. It is part of our human fallen condition. We will never reach absolute perfection while we are in these cursed flesh bodies. But Jesus was perfection for us. We need only follow Jesus, keep our eyes on Him, and He will lead us where He wants us to go. Jesus gives us opportunity for confession when we mess up. But He doesn’t want us wallowing in our failures, nursing our grief. He immediately instructs us to move forward with the business of following Him and feeding His sheep.

2 Samuel 2-3 – Civil War

There was civil war in Israel. It was bloody and barbarous. But eventually after some ridiculous exchanges of bravado and wife shuffling, a covenant was made and David finally became king over all Israel. God’s plan had been accomplished setting the state for the prophetic bloodline of Jesus.