Here’s what readers are saying about “My Demon, My Jesus” by Blue Tapp…

I am now a fan! I will read every book this author writes!

I am a fan! This book is brilliantly and intelligently written. The rich descriptive adjectives, figurative and literal language, sensory elements that this book offers, rocks my literary world and inspires me to have bigger faith in what is around us and what is to come. It is an anointed book and I received some unexplained healing by simply reading the book.

While reading, I was reminded of authors like John Flanagan, CS Lewis, and JRR Tolkien. They are all masters at writing descriptive language about imaginative places. The difference is, Blue writes about real miracles. It is evident with her writing talents why God chose to gift her with these visions and then commanded her to “write them down”. You won’t want to miss the passages that lay between the covers of this book.

Have you wondered about the majestic, beautiful, and awesomeness that awaits us in heaven? Maybe you are interested in mystical angels that interact with us and dance around us daily? Are you seeking information about the power and victory the name Jesus has over the enemy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is your book!

It is evident that Blue is an experienced Biblically based believer. She references the Bible frequently and she states that she has read the entire Bible multiple times. She is also an avid reader herself and likes to be challenged by what she reads. This is shown when she shares that she has read all 30,000 words that Teresa of Avila wrote (not an easy task to read 500 year old language).

This book is a bridge between Roman Catholics and Protestants. With my spiritual history, I feel 100% at home in between the pages of this book. I think this book will not only bring healing to individuals, but also to the Christian Church as a whole, to the remnant. It will be a balm to the rift of 1517. I am now a fan and will read every book this author writes!!

~ Angela Francis
English Teacher & Former Catholic Youth Minister


Once you start reading you will not be able to put it down.

As I sat down to read “My Demon My Jesus” I felt as if Blue and I were sitting on her back porch looking out over the fields when she began to tell me her story. I reflected on my childhood as she shared hers. I felt her pain, her angst, her love of Jesus, her rebellion, and her return. I saw her visions through her eyes. When she shared how to be “saved” I saw with new eyes what it really meant.… My soul was made alive. I was a new creation. I was encouraged to continue getting to know my Lord and follow where the Holy Spirit leads. What my life holds may not be through tongues or visions but Jesus has a plan for my life. I am excited to see what transpires.

Once you start reading you will not want to put it down. See what God wants to do with your life.

~  Lawrence Reynolds
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Wow, grabbed me from the start and speaks straight to the heart!

“Wow!” …in a good way, was my reaction after the first few pages and then at the end of the book it was another “Wow!”

My goodness I found her story to not only be an easy read but very engaging and inspirational. Some of it hit me right in the gut, but that’s real life… I think it must have taken a lot of courage for Blue to have written her story but I’m so glad she did. I believe many readers will be inspired, have hope and find the strength and courage to get through the Darkness. Loved it! I’ve already recommended it to several.

~ H. Weber
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Simple Truths

Reading “My Demon My Jesus” was a reminder that I am a simple human, and like everyone else, possessed of a roughly three pound brain. There is only so much horsepower available and many things (like “eternity”, “infinity”, “omniscience”, and “omnipotence”) are beyond my ability to comprehend. God is way, way above my pay grade. God is here, but it isn’t my job to define or even understand who or what God is.

So I approach stories like Blue’s with an open mind and an open heart. What do I know? Oppressive demons? Malignant possession? Sure. It’s not my story, after all. I don’t have to understand.

That said, in telling her story she touches upon some fundamental truths we, as individuals, as a culture, and as a society, have largely lost sight of. She writes:

“We think we are defined by our thoughts and beliefs. But really this prattle rattling around in our brains is not much more significant than our fickle emotions.”

Let that sink in. I suspect I knew this in my bones as a child and forgot it after years of navel gazing and education, of feeding my self-image lies and creating a wall between myself and God. This is a very important thing and at the very heart of “My Demon, My Jesus”.

We hear cliches–”Let go, Let God”, for example—but it is difficult to get out of our own way sometimes. Blue patiently explains, through telling her own story, how she got out of the way and accepted her place in creation. That resonates.

Another unspoken theme is another simple truism: we get better and better at whatever we practice. If we practice being prayerful and present we become more present and prayerful. If we practice worry and attempting to control things outside of our control, we become worrisome and frustrated, pinched and mean and spiritually hobbled.

This is a valuable book. I’ll read it again and again.

~ Mark Trumble
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Artistically Written

In a culture of feeling alone I felt as if Blue was sitting with me telling me her story. I became a friend, a sister and then a student as I absorbed her lessons she has learned.

She is gifted in sharing her story and sharing herself. A true Christian existentialist.

I can’t wait for her next book!

~ Shywatz
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Life Changing Read

This book has inspired me to seek Jesus in a whole new light. Wonderful book about a journey to discovering our Heavenly Father. You won’t want to put this book down.

~ Joan Tripp
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Understand the power that is available to you right now

A talented writer sharing a part of her life, while being vulnerable to skepticism of others, with easy to visualize details of her personal experiences that many would not be willing to share with anyone else, but the author has been told to do just that. This book allows others to realize that our own experience in our relationship with God is an individual journey. Let this book open you heart and mind to learn while on your own path, to not be afraid to give your whole life to God and keep fighting and following the one who loves us the most. I look forward to her next book.

~ Rachel
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