YOU have to seek God. YOU have to pursue a relationship with Him. No one else can do it for you. Going to church doesn’t do it for you. It is a PERSONAL relationship between you and God. It is a friendship. And friendships require your time. The truest deepest friendships also involve your heart, your mind, and your soul.

Your relationship with God can be like the relationship you have with someone you only hear about… like a celebrity perhaps, but not someone you’ve ever had a conversation with. If your connection with God is like that, then it really isn’t much of a relationship at all.

God can be your acquaintance, someone you say hello to when you pass them in the hallway. Maybe you like their facebook posts occasionally. You have some interaction with this person but it isn’t regular or anything personal or deep.

God can be like a friend you get together with on special occasions, wedding, holidays. You might make the effort to share special events with this person but it’s still nothing very meaningful. It doesn’t affect your daily life. You really don’t think about them much.

God can be a friend you regularly connect with. You keep up with their lives and speak to them often. You care about them, celebrate in their victories and empathize with their struggles. Spending time with them is a priority in your life. They are a good friend.

At the deepest level, God can be an intimate lover you spend meaningful time with every single day. You share secrets. Your time together can be profound and exciting. Your relationship is the most important part of your life. When you are together, your soul and heart feel completed and fulfilled. When you are apart, you fantasize about each other. You cannot wait to be together again. You are best friends and soul mates. (Yes, your relationship with God really can feel like that…)

YOU determine your level of intimacy with God. HE is all in. He wants to be at lover level. So the depth of your relationship is on YOU. The more time you spend with Him, the deeper your relationship will become. You will learn to hear and recognize His voice. He will open your heart, mind and soul to enter ever more deeply into His mysteries, His joy, and His peace. There is no end to the depth of this amazing relationship. As long as your pursue Him, He will keep taking you further.

The world wants you to believe that spending time with God is a silly waste of time. Don’t believe this lie. What has the world given you? Anything good? I’ll wait…